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150 kN Cubic Screw Jacks

150 kN Cubic Screw Jacks Key Features
1. Maximum static load 150 kN or 15 Ton. Maximum dynamic load 65 kN or 6.5 Ton.
2. Lifting screw sizes Tr 60x9. Customized stroke length.
3. Translating and Rotating Screw configurations, Anti-rotation (keyed) design option.
4. High ratio 9:1, Low ratio 36:1.
5. The 150 kN Cubic Screw Jacks can be connected together in systems so that multiple units can be operated and controlled together.  
6. Manual operation, Electric driven or both together. 

150 kN Cubic Screw Jacks Drawing Dimensions

150 kN Cubic Screw Jacks Specifications
Note: The dark gray figures in the tables indicates operational restrictions due to thermal limits. Static only (dynamic not permitted). Selection of screw jacks using these figures should only be carried out in consultation with our engineers. When your selection is made within the areas dark gray, you will need to reduce duty cycle or choose larger model screw jacks in order to allow effective heat dissipation.
1. Conditions: 20% running time/60 minutes or 30% running time/10 minutes, 20 °C ambient temperature. 
2. H=high ratio 9:1, L=slow ratio 36:1.
3. Nm=input torque required, kW=input power required.