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3-Phase Normal Motors

3-Phase Normal Motors Introductions
Mechanical worm gear screw jacks are absolutely IRREVERSIBLE, that is, they can support their loads with no need to employ brakes or other locking systems. The Screw jacks can be deployed individually or in groups properly connected with shafts, joints, and/or bevel gear boxes. They can be driven by electrical motors, with either alternating or direct current, as well as hydraulic or pneumatic motors, or stepper motors and servo motors.
Choose the IEC motor flange or NEMA C-Face motor adapter that is compatible with screw jack and direct-drive motor. Direct mount capabilities up to 100-tons, designed to IEC motor flange or NEMA C-Face Standards, direct couple motor to left or right-hand input shaft, all hardware provided, including coupling. Choose the IEC motor or NEMA C-Face Motor needed to power screw jack or lifting system. Worm Gear Ball Screw Jacks are not self-locking. Motor Brakes must be used to hold screw into position. 

3-Phase Normal Motors Specifications (4P, 6P)

3-Phase Normal Motors Drawing Dimensions (B3, B14, B5)