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Steel Jaw Coupling

Steel Jaw Couplings Introductions
Complete Jacking system including gear motor reducers, mitre gear boxes and coupling for dual or multiple Jack arrangements. Choose the Jaw Coupling that meets your jack or system requirements. They enable the configuration of perfectly balanced lifting and drive systems, even with unevenly distributed loads. Screw jacks or screwjacks transform a rotary input into linear movement in a vertical or horizontal plane.  Both push and pull loads are acceptable in any mounting orientation.  Inputs are generally from electric motors connected by couplings or directly by flange. The Jaw Couplings require no lubrication, and are resistant to oil, grease, moisture and other contaminants. Small volume and large transmitted torque. To be plugged in axially, easy assembly, maintenance-free. Balancing axial, radial and angular misalignment. Torque ratings from 17Nm to 3600Nm. Service temperature from -40°C to +90°C.

Steel Flexible Couplings