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Bellows Dust Cover

Bellows Dust Cover Introductions
Bellows Dust Cover are available for all sizes and configurations of JACTON Worm Gear Screw Jacks. A Bellows Dust Cover protects the lifting screws from contamination and helps retain lubricant to ensure long jack life. Standard Bellows Dust Covers are sewn from black polyurethane-coated polyester fabric type for oil, water and weather resistance and are acceptable for use in -15°C to +80°C environments, includes extra 2 pieces galvanised hose clips too. Custom bellows dust covers with NR, NBR, SBR, CR, EPDM, TPR, TPU, Silicone, AEM, ACM, FVMQ/Fluorosilicone, FKM/VITON, FFKM HNBR, PU, Foam rubber materials.

1. Bellows Dust Cover fully retracted length=exact stroke / 0.83
Note: When inverted configurations jacks with Bellows Dust Cover, total lifting screws stroke=mounting frame thickness + bellows fully retracted length + exact stroke
2. Bellows Dust Cover for translating jacks: The bellows dust cover end cuff is designed to fit standard lifting screw end fittings, the top plate and the clevis end. 
3. Bellows Dust Cover for traveling nut jacks: bellows dust cover for upright and inverted traveling nut jacks are ordered as separate line items. Typical traveling nut jack applications require two bellow dust covers, one between the housing and the traveling nut and one from the traveling nut to the end of the lifting screws. Each bellow dust cover for a traveling nut jack is ordered as a separate line item. Installation arrangements for traveling nut jacks vary, therefore bellow dust covers for rotating traveling nut jacks must be specified by the customer.

Guides are recommended for all horizontal applications where travel exceeds 600mm or if the bellow dust covers needs to remain centered around the lifting screw. The recommended number of guides is one guide for each 600mm of travels. EXAMPLES: 300mm of travel=no guides, 600mm of travel=one guide, 1175mm of travel=one guide, 1200mm of travel=two guides etc. Standard bellow dust covers are furnished with tie straps for jacks with greater than 1650mm travel. Tie straps are attached from convolution to convolution and help the boot extend uniformly.