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New Jack System,Tank Lifting,Tank Jacking,Tank Lift Jack,Tank Lifting Jacks,Tank Jacks,Lift Jacks and Lifting System For Assembly Steel Bolted Storage Tanks and Silos or Grain Storage Tanks and Grain Storage Silos

New Jack System, Tank Lifting, Tank Jacking, Tank Lift Jack, Tank Lifting Jacks, Tank Jacks, Lift Jacks and Lifting System For Assembly Steel Bolted Storage Tanks and Silos or Grain Storage Tanks and Grain Storage Silos. Use our jack system, these tanks built with NO crane and NO adjustable scaffolding jacks, also NO oil spills or leakage possible when compared to Hydraulic systems.

Our Jacking Systems are used in various of tanks and silos, such as Storage Tanks and Silos, Grain Storage Tanks and Silos, Glass Fused Steel Tanks, Waste Water Storage Tanks, Anaerobic Digester Tank, Industrial Water Tanks, Glass Lined Water Storage Tanks, Bolted Steel Tanks, Sludge Storage Tank, Biogas Storage Tank, Liquid Storage Tanks, Leachate Storage Tanks, Agricultural Water Storage Tanks, Fire Water Tank, Grain Storage Silos, Stainless Steel Bolted Tanks and Bulk Storage Silos.
Jacking Systems Features:
1. Replace hydraulic tank jacking equipment. Our jacks with grease lubrication, without oil spills or leakage possible.
2. Electrically operated by geared motors, very easy to manoeuvre onsite, both simultaneously and individually.
3. Uses a smooth continuously operated lift mechanism.
4. Self-locking trapezoidal screw, which ensures the highest operator safety conditions.
5. Faster operating times as well as a cost savings over traditional lifting systems.
6. 3-phase voltage power outlets for lifting jacking systems.
7. Easy and quick assembly of the entire system with minimal operator effort.
8. Easy to dismantle onsite. Comes supplied with a specially designed device which enables quick disassembly of the lift jacks after job completion.
9. Precision positioning, full synchronization with uniform speed, easy installation and operation, maintenance free.
Which assures the Jacking System will withstand tank load, snow load, wind load, and seismic load for a specific construction site. The following factors are consider: 1) Tank Diameter (m), 2) Tank Height (m), 3) Tank Weight (MT) not including bottom shell, neither base plate, 4) Number of roof column(s) support (if applicable) & roof weight, 5) Construction Site, 6) Snow Load (MT), 7) 3-second gust Wind Speed (km/hr).