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JTP Gearboxes Selection Guide

Example Model: (1)JTP140  -  (2)1:1  -  (3)1000R -  (4)1000R  -  (5)A  -  (6)B3

Bevel gearboxes are selected on the basis of SPEED, RATIO, POWER, and TORQUE. 

The ratings for bevel gearboxes in this catalogue are based on a service factor of 1.00. For other operating conditions, the application power or torque must be multiplied by the appropriate service factor, to determine the equivalent gear drive power rating. A gear drive should be selected with a rated capacity equal to or greater than the equivalent rating. Below table designates recommended service factors for various conditions of load, power source, and duration of service.

Note: please use these data inside the brackets when “frequent starts and stops” refers to more than 10 starts per hour.
Note: time specified for intermittent and occasional service refers to total operating time per day.
Uniform (Light Shocks) driven machine: generators, conveyor belts, apron conveyor, screw conveyors, ventilators, agitators and mixers for uniform densities, filling and packing stations, gear wheel pumps, feed servos of machine tools.
Medium Shocks driven machine: lifts, swing gear on cranes, pit ventilators, agitators and mixers for unequal densities, piston pumps, timber processing machines, paper processing machines, winches, auxiliary drives in ships, textile machines.
Heavy Shocks driven machine: punches, shears, rolling and smelting machines, heavy-duty centrifuges, heavy-duty supply pumps, edge runners, vibrating machines, cutting machines, brick works machines, heavy-duty lifts.

(1). Sizes and (2). Gear Ratios
(3). and (4). Input Speed and Output Speed (RPM)

JTP65, JTP90, JTP110, JTP140, JTP170, JTP210, JTP240, JTP280.
(5). Shaft Arrangements and Rotation Directions
Shaft rotation is determined by the relative location of the gears. Right hand (CW: clockwise) or left hand (CCW: counterclockwise) rotations are determined by viewing the end of the shaft.

(6). Mounting Positions