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Sample Part Number

(1). Models

(2). Jack Configuration and Designs
* US = Upright Translating Screw Design     
IS = Inverted Translating Screw Design
UK = Upright Keyed Screw Design           
IK = Inverted Keyed Screw Design
UR = Upright Rotating Screw Design         
IR = Inverted Rotating Screw Design
Note: The machine screw of a translating screw jack must be attached to the load (guided) which prevents the lifting screw from rotating (recommended).
Note: If your application involves a load which is unattached, unguided or the load is free to rotate and not translate, then a keyed screw jack are required to prevent lead screw rotation (not recommended).

(3). Stroke (mm) & (5). Screw End Conditions
* There are no standard travel length and all screw jacks travel length are built with customers required. 
Standard machine screw end conditions include I=top plate, II=clevis end, III=plain end, IV=threaded end, VI=fork end, VII=rod end, and no screw end with full threads screw.

Note: If compressive loads, must consider the lead screw permissible buckling load.

(4) Gear Ratios
Model H:
High Ratio
Stroke (mm),
Per Turn of Input Shaft
Slow Ratio
Stroke (mm),
Per Turn of Input Shaft
JTW-1T 1/6 0.667 1/24 0.167
JTW-2.5T 1/6 1 1/24 0.25
JTW-5T 1/6 1.167 1/24 0.292
JTW-10T 1/8 1.5 1/24 0.5
JTW-15T 1/8 1.5 1/24 0.5
JTW-20T 1/8 1.5 1/24 0.5
JTW-25T 1/10.667 1.5 1/32 0.5
JTW-35T 1/10.667 1.875 1/32 0.625
JTW-50T 1/10.667 1.875 1/32 0.625
JTW-100T 1/12 1.917 1/36 0.639
(6). Worm (Input Shaft) Types & Motor Flange Input Types
* A = Left side shaft          
* B = Right side shaft          
* CLeft side shaft & Right side shaft  
* M1 = Left side shaft, Right side motor flange   
* M2 = Right side motor flange
* M3 = Right side shaft, Left side motor flange   
* M4 = Left side motor flange
Note: Motor flange input types, if need to purchase the motor from us, your purchase orders must be marked. Otherwise, we only sale screw jack with motor flange.

(7). Jack Accessories
Screw Jack Accessories include Couplings, Universal joints, Telescopic universal joints, Connecting shafts, AC or DC motors, Stepper motors, Servo motors, Encoders, IEC motor flange, NEMA C-Face motor, Frequency inverters, Hand crank wheels, Bellows boots, Telescopic spring covers, Protective tubes, Limit switches, Proximity switches, Safety nuts, Anti-backlash nut, Overload safety couplings, Stop nuts, Position Encoders, Overload clutch, Potentiometer, Pressure sensor, Linear guides and rails, Travel nuts, Position indicators, Trunnion adapter plates, Trunnion mounting brackets, Pillow blocks, Flange blocks, Rod end bearings.