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4.5 Ton Bevel Gear Ball Screw Jack

4.5 Ton Bevel Gear Ball Screw Jack Features: 
1. Higher speeds and less heat generation than other mechanical actuators.
2. Require a brake or other external locking device to hold position.
3. More precise positioning and repeatability than hydraulic cylinders
4. Available in Translating, Anti-rotation and Rotating designs. 
5. Threaded end conditions standard (top plate, clevis end, and plain end condition available)
6. Act as miter boxes, making them an ideal choice for multi-jack systems.
7. As many as three output shafts may be specified for mounting motors, limit switches, bellow boots, top plates, clevis mounts and other accessories.

4.5 Ton Bevel Gear Ball Screw Jack Specifications

4.5 Ton Bevel Gear Ball Screw Jack Dimensions