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JWB100 Ball Screw Jacks

JWB100 Ball Screw Jacks are mainly used to replace used, or new design with USA 10-ton Worm Gear Ball Screw JacksJWB100 Ball Screw Jacks include ball nuts that are fast and efficient so the jacks require much less energy to lift an equal load than their machine screw jack 10 T. They are NOT self-locking so a brake motor needs to be included in the drive system and hand wheels are not a recommended option. They can accurately position and hold loads up to 98 kN. And widely used in Platform lifts, Damper adjustments, Ergonomic lifts, Maintenance lifts, Roll adjustments, Earth Station Antennas, Solar Trackers, Conveyor adjustments, Packaging equipment, and Gate adjustments.

JWB100 Ball Screw Jacks Specifications

JWB100 Ball Screw Jacks Drawing Dimensions