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Planning Installations with Screw Jacks Elevation System with Four Screw Jacks and Two Bevel Gearboxes

PLANNING INSTALLATIONS WITH SCREW JACKS Elevation system with four screw jacks and two bevel gearboxes.
For the application of screw jacks in installations with several units, the following criteria must be taken into account:
1. Define the number, position and orientation of the screw jacks.
2. Select the drag components (couplings, transmission shafts, supports, bevel gearboxes, motors, etc.) taking the following recommendations into account: Ensure that the total load is distributed uniformly between all the installation's screw jacks. The lowest possible number of transmission parts is recommended. The transmission shafts should be as short as possible. Try to protect the overall installation with a safety torque limiter.
3. If during the design of the installation a problem arises in defining the turning sense of the different elements, it is advised to apply the following method: Indicate the orientation of the screw jack elements. Mark the screw turning sense on each screw jack to lift. Show the position of the bevel gearboxes and the transmission shafts in a diagram.