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3000kg Bevel Gear Machine Screw Jacks

3000kg Bevel Gear Machine Screw Jacks, model JTG32, Tr 50 x 8, 3:1 gear ratio, Translating screw, Keyed screw for non-rotating, and Rotating nut designs. High speed screw jacks supplement our offer of worm gear screw jacks. They are more efficient and may be used in a broader field of applications. They may be used in a medium load range, with a high lifting speed and longer operating time. All high speed screw jacks are equipped with hardened, sharpened and spiral-toothed bevel gear transmissions. Therefore, they attain high lifting speeds and improved efficiency. All high speed screw jacks work in all installation positions. Due to their cubic casing they can be mounted flexibly.

3000kg Bevel Gear Machine Screw Jacks Features:
* Static load capacity from 3000 kgf. Dynamic load capacity from 2000 kgf. 
* High efficiency, high lifting speed, high duty cycle, long lifespan
* Trapezoidal screw Tr 50 x 8.
* There are no "standard" travel lengths, we process the screw length following customers' need.
* Upright or Inverted mounting. Available in tension or compression loads.
* Translating, Keyed for non-rotating, and Rotating designs.
* Standard with 1-start trapezoidal screw, custom 2-starts trapezoidal screw which offers increased travel speed and require a brake or external locking device to hold position.
* Trapezoidal Screw Ends: top plate, clevis end, plain end, threaded end, fork end, rod end.
* Can be operated by manually operated or by electrical motor driven.
* Single unit use, or complete jacking system including gear motors, bevel gearboxes, connecting shafts and couplings for dual or multiple jack arrangements.
* Simple and effective solution in comparison with hydraulic and pneumatic systems. 

3000kg Bevel Gear Machine Screw Jacks Specifications

3000kg Bevel Gear Machine Screw Jacks Drawings