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5 Ton Double Clevis Screw Jack

High Quality 5 Ton Double Clevis Screw Jack Factory Price, Manufacturer and Supplier - JACTON Industry Co.,Ltd.
Machine screw jack and ball screw jacks from 1ton to 20 ton load capacities canbe supplied with double clevis end jacks .Double clevis jacks are always made from upright jacks. Stroke lengths are limited based compression loads. When freedom of movement in two axes is required, a double clevis screw jack may be used, which incorporates a special clevis end bottom pipe and a standard clevis end on the lifting screw. It can be used in angle tilt adjustments, moving a load through an arc, tracking antennas, hinged doors or air dampers etc. Below is a application in solar pannal. In this application, the linear motion is provided by a double clevis machine screw jack.