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Technical Supports

Technical Supports

Screw Jacks O & M Manuals

Screw Jacks O & M Manuals, Caution: Read this manual before installation or operation of JACTON screw jacks Failure to understand this manual, installation or operation screw jack properly could result in damage to the jack and or serious personal injury ...View more>>>

Bevel Gearboxes O & M Manuals

Bevel Gearboxes O & M Manuals, Please read this entire document prior to operating the bevel gearbox Bevel gearbox failure or injury to operators may be caused by improper installation, operation or maintenance ...View more>>>

Screw Jacks FAQs

Screw Jacks FAQs, What is axially translating screw jack? What is anti-rotation keyed screw jack? What is travelling nut rotating screw jack? What is the difference between an acme screw jack and a ball screw jack? Why use an acme screw jack and a ball screw jack?...View more>>>

Bevel Gearboxes FAQs

Bevel Gearboxes FAQs, Does it matter which shaft I use as my input? Can I use the bevel gearboxes as speed increasers? When I look at the bevel gearbox shaft ar...View more>>>

Technical Notes

screw jacks Technical Notes, For JTW Series, JT Series, JTC series Screw Jacks Technical Notes: 1 The recommended maximum speed is 1500rpm 50hz, 1800rpm 60hz provid...View more>>>

Calculation Formulas

Screw jacks Calculation Formulas * Input Torque: T=(F*p 2*π*i*η) + To * Input Power: P=F*V 60*η, P=T*n 9550, V=n*p 1000*i * Worm Gear Ratio: I=(n ...View more>>>