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JWB-Series Ball Screw Jacks

JWB-Series Ball Screw Jacks are mainly used to replace used, or new design with USA Brand Worm Gear Ball Screw Jacks. JWB-Series Ball Screw Jacks include ball nuts that are fast and efficient so the jacks require much less energy to lift an equal load than their machine screw jack counterpart. They are NOT self-locking so a brake motor needs...View more>>>

JTW-Series Machine Screw Jacks

Machine Screw Jack is used wherever fixed to controlled lifting, lowering, tilting, and slewing movements are required in an safe and reliable operation. Machine screw jacks offer precise positioning, uniform lifting speeds and capacity up to 100 tons. Standard model configurations include upright or inverted units with translating or rotating lifti...View more>>>

JTB-Series Ball Screw Jacks

The ball screw jacks are born from the experience in trapezoidal screw jacks. The can be employed for lifting, pulling, moving, aligning any kind of load with a perfect synchronism, which is difficult to obtain by means of other handling devices. The ball screw jacks are suitable for high services as well as for a very rapid, quick and pre...View more>>>

JT-Series Acme Screw Jacks

Acme Screw Jack offers a low-cost solution to a wide variety of industrial lifting, lowering, pushing and pulling applications. Available in twelve sizes, these worm gear screw jacks feature a self-locking acme screw and can be ordered with a number of options and configurations, the most basic including Translating, Keyed or Rotating designs. A...View more>>>

JTC-Series Cubic Screw Jacks

Cubic screw jack featuring a compact and versatile cubic housing. High reliability and performance are guaranteed with the same precision worm gear set and lead screw as our JTC-Series screw jack. Capacities range from 2.5kN to 500kN with machine screw at present. The cubic design offers modern aesthetics and versatile mounting on two faces of ...View more>>>