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JT-Series Bevel Gearboxes

We offer a full line of bevel right angle gearboxes. Our standard Bevel gearboxes feature one input and one output shaft; our Bevel T gearboxes feature one shaft that extends from both sides of the body, forming a T shape. We offer a variety of options, including metric and inch shafts, hollow bore units, and gearboxes with one hollow bore...View more>>>

JTP Cubic Bevel Gearboxes

With the input and output axes intersecting instead of being inline, a key benefit of the bevel gearboxes is its ability to change the direction of rotation by 90°. The cubic bevel gearbox builds on this ability by offering a compact and robust design that combines tapered roller bearings with a ductile iron housing. The result is a ver...View more>>>

JTD Cubic Ball Screw Jacks

Cubic Ball Screw Jack are an excellent solution for industrial lifting, lowering, pushing and/or pulling applications that require higher efficiency, greater accuracy or faster travel speeds than offered by Worm Gear Screw Jacks. Ball screw jacks suit heavy duty applications with medium to high linear speeds. Combining ball screw with screw jack t...View more>>>

JTA Aluminum Bevel Gearboxes

A compact bevel gearbox design provides a visually attractive, quality finished casing, produced from die-casting, in lightweight aluminium alloy. single or dual output shafts, 1:1 or 2:1 ratios, and grease lubricated for life and have an operating temperature range of – 10 degrees C to + 80 degrees C. Utilizing carburized case-hardened spi...View more>>>

Screw Jack Lifting Systems

We can supply precise, reliably worm gear screw jack systems configured jacking drive units, connecting shafts, mitre gear boxes, motors, etc. that conform both to current industrial-machine legislation and standards and to your exact function requirements. The jacking systems and components are all duly certified. The main advantages of a screw ja...View more>>>