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JTPH Hollow Shaft BevelGearbox

A spiral bevel gearbox with hollow shaft is ideal for direct connection of drive shafts and for the insertion of special connecting shafts. By eliminating couplings, they provide a compact solution to torque transmission in small spaces. Different versions with keyway, straight sided splines, involute splines and shrink disc are available. JTPH H...View more>>>

JSL Series Bevel Ball Actuator

JSL Series Bevel Ball Actuators' housing is made of aluminum alloy with surface oxidation treatment. Compared with cast iron gearbox, it is light weight, and easier to dissipate heat. Its features include one shaft, two shafts, three shafts, four shafts, grinding-grade spiral bevel gears, alloy steel input shafts and high-quality ball screw. ...View more>>>

JTP Stainless Steel Gearboxes

Stainless steel gearboxes are used wherever the highest requirements for hygiene and corrosion protection exist, for example in humid environments and especially when exposed to seawater. In some sectors of the food industry their use is now indispensable due to hygiene regulations. In this case, the ability to flawlessly clean the machine compon...View more>>>

JTC Aluminum Alloy Screw Jack

Our screw-jacks can be produced with a stainless steel casing, for loads or pressures from 1 to 20 tons, or with a case in aluminum, for loads comprised between 2.5 KN to 25 KN. The worm is made of hardened steel. The threaded shaft is made of steel. The wheel (or nut) is made of anti-friction bronze. Aluminum screw jacks for light duty...View more>>>

JSS Stainless Steel Screw Jack

Stainless steel screw jacks are specifically designed for positioning and lifting applications that are located in wet, corrosive and harsh environments. Models JSS-1T, JSS-2.5T, JSS-5T, JSS-10T, JSS-15T, JSS-20T. These stainless steel screw jacks use a stainless steel input worm shaft with a high strength bronze worm gear. Load capacities for stainles...View more>>>