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JTS-Series Bevel Gear Jacks

Bevel gear design eliminates the need for miter gear boxes in multi-jack systems. This design allows higher travel speeds and higher duty cycles. Single-lead machine screw bevel gear jacks are considered self-locking and the lower internal gear ratio permit faster travel speeds (and higher duty cycles) than worm gear screw jack counterparts. Bevel ball jacks achieve fast travel speeds and are rated for near continuous operation.
Bevel gear high speed screw jacks are precision screw jacks are by the use of spiral bevel gear sets. These bevel gears are lapped together in pairs. High quality alloy steel is used in their manufacture and they are case hardened. Robust rolling bearings support the input shaft and the lifting spindle axis giving a long and trouble free life. bevel gear high speed screw jacks provide a fast lifting speed with ball screw and trapezoidal spindle. Due to the high efficiency of the integral bevel gears a high overall efficiency is provided.

JTS-Series Bevel Gear Jacks
 Key Features
1. With 8 sizes, lifting capacities from 25 kN to 500 kN as Standard
2. Translating and Rotating Screw configurations, Anti-rotation (keyed) design option.
3. Two Gear ratios and single screw leads as standard. Customized double screw leads.
4. Bevel gear machine screw jacks and bevel gear ball screw jacks are option.
Higher efficiency and greater speed than other worm gear screw jacks.
6. As an added benefit, bevel gear jacks also act as bevel gearboxes, making them an ideal choice for multiple units bevel gear jacks lifting systems.

JTS-Series Bevel Gear Jacks Specifications