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JTA Aluminum Bevel Gearboxes

JTA Aluminum Bevel Gearboxes are small-sized, ultra-lightweight type of our miter gear box. These units are lubricated for life to assure trouble free service. High-performance spiral bevel gear is used to enable silent and high transmission operations. Universal mounting type that can be mounted in any direction. 1:1 and 2:1 ratios, with two or three shafts orientations. 4 sizes are available to suit your needs in a compact, maintenance free, ready to use package.

JTA Aluminum Bevel Gearboxes
 Key Features 
* Compact design, Small sizes, Ultra light weight. 
* Gears ratios of 1:1, 2:1 are actual ones.
* Power range from 0.02kw to 4.94kw, Torque range from 2Nm to 40Nm.
* Gear transmission average efficiency up to 94%. 
* 2-shafts and 3-shafts Configurations. Allows both horizontal and vertical shafts.
* High efficiency, low backlash, noiseless operation, low running temperature and long service life. 

JTA Aluminum Bevel Gearboxes Specifications