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Lifting Systems & Accessories

Screw Jack Lifting Systems

We can supply precise, reliably worm gear screw jack systems configured jacking drive units, connecting shafts, mitre gear boxes, motors, etc. that conform both to current industrial-machine legislation and standards and to your exact function requirements. The jacking systems and components are all duly certified. The main advantages of a screw ja...View more>>>

Lifting Systems Accessories

Screw Jack System Accessories: A complete line of hand wheels, motors, motor adaptors, rotary limit switches, worm gear reducers, mitre gear boxes, couplers, shafting, screw end adapters, pillow blocks, rotary limit switches, electrical controls and boots — JACTON Industry can provide the accessories you need to compliment your screw jack system and to ensure the efficient operation, extended life and safety of your system. ...View more>>>