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Screw Jack Lifting Systems

We can supply precise, reliably worm gear screw jack systems configured jacking drive units, connecting shafts, mitre gear boxes, motors, etc. that conform both to current industrial-machine legislation and standards and to your exact function requirements. The jacking systems and components are all duly certified.
The main advantages of a screw jack lifting system over hydraulic, pneumatic or chain driven lift drive system are:
* Feature: Controlled Lift with mechanically linked Jacks in each corner
* Benefits: Synchronised lift with No skewing or tilting of frame throughout the lift stroke
* Feature: Compact Worm Gear Screw jack bodies
* Benefits: Low input power, High lifting linear force, Self Locking with no back wind.
* Feature: Single, Clean, electric motor drive.
* Benefit: Just 1 motor is required with Brake, feedback options. No oil contamination issues.
* Feature: Variable Speed through inverter control
* Benefits: With Inverter driven motor, soft start and stop, current management, varying lift speeds are all available.

Screw Jack Lifting Systems Introductions
Screw jack lifting systems simultaneously lifting, is not only for the simple load-supporting from several kilograms to heavy duty several hundreds tons, but also have other features such as self-locking without brake or locking mechanism, precisely position, easy installation and operation, maintenance free, can be operated by hand wheels, 3-phase motor or both. Screw jack lifting systems accessories such as screw jacks, bevel gearboxes, 3-phase motors, hand wheels, flexible couplings, connecting shafts and pillow blocks.
Screw Jack Lifting Systems Efficiency
* Two screw jack lifting systems 95%. 
* Three screw jack lifting systems 90%. 
* Four screw jack lifting systems 85%.
* Six screw jack lifting systems 80%.  
* Eight screw jack lifting systems 80%. 
* Note: don't ignore bevel gearboxes efficiency 95~98%.