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Others Screw Jack Types

JT-Series Acme Screw Jacks

JT-Series Acme Screw Jacks Features Strong Acme threads make these screw jacks better than ball screw jacks for heavy loads, intermittent positioning applications. They offer a low-cost solution to a wide variety of industrial lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling and rolling linear motions. Due to the classic design, you don't need to attach any...View more>>>

JTM-Series Worm Screw Jacks

JTM-Series Worm Screw Jacks are used in applications where linear motion is required. Lifting of any load, pushing or pulling of mechanical equipment, adjusting of tight clearances of mechanical parts can be done by screw jacks. Examples include: Platform lifts, Damper adjustments, Ergonomic lifts, Maintenance lifts, Roll adjustments, Earth Station...View more>>>

Custom Worm Gear Screw Jacks

We do more than only manufacture the best screw jack with standard models, also accept Custom Worm Gear Screw Jacks design. Up to now, we custom made screw jacks are used to replace usa, uk, german, austria, italy, japan, korea, taiwan screw jacks. Following clients requirements, we custom made lift screw diameter and pitch, lift screw end type,...View more>>>

JTH Through Holes Screw Jacks

JTH Through Holes Screw Jacks featuring a compact and versatile cubic housing. They are high quality engineering products for precise lifting, lowering and pivoting of loads, and are, under normal operation, maintenance free. In the absence of vibration load, they have self locking and precisely position loads, will hold loads without backdriving,...View more>>>