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Single Face Classic Screw Jack

JTW-Series Machine Screw Jacks

JTW Series Machine Screw Jack is a device used to apply a force, push and pull, lift and lower, open and close, or move to a position and hold by mechanically converting rotary motion into linear motion. Due to the classic design, you don't need to attach any construction elements to the housing. In the absence of vibration load, they ...View more>>>

JTB-Series Ball Screw Jacks

JTB Series Ball Screw Jacks are born from the experience in machine screw jacks. They have the greater efficiency and rolling action, the ball screw jacks can operate at higher speeds or increased duty cycle when compared with the machine screw jacks. The addition of a high efficiency ball screw and nut reduces the required input torque. Req...View more>>>

JTM Trapezoidal Screw Jacks

JTM Trapezoidal Screw Jacks is also named Worm Gear Trapezoidal Screw Jacks, Self-locking Trapezoidal Screw Jacks. The mechanical worm gear screw jack with trapezoidal lifting screw available with translating lifting screw or lifting nut. These mechanical screw jacks can be operated by manually or by electrical motor. More than one screw jacks can ...View more>>>

JSS Stainless Steel Screw Jack

Complete JSS Stainless Steel Screw Jack is typically used in harsh or corrosive environments or those with a regular wash down requirement. Industries such as Marine, Water Treatment, Nuclear, Food Processing, Offshore, Pulp and Paper Machines use stainless steel screw jacks. Due to the classic design, you don't need to attach any constructio...View more>>>