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JTM-Series Worm Screw Jacks

Mechanical worm gear screw jack with trapezoidal lifting screw available with translating lifting screw or lifting nut. As a leader in the manufacture of mechanical screw jacks, and with various of power transmission products in the field, we guarantee quality, reliability, performance and value. Tasks that worm gear screw jacks handle well will vary: lifting, lowering, tipping or moving. But in every case, industry requirements and the power parameters demand a powerful, reliable and complete worm gear screw jack system, easy to adapt to the specific application.

JTM-Series Worm Screw Jacks
 Key Features
1. With 10 sizes, lifting capacities from 10 kN, 25 kN, 50 kN, 100 kN, 150 kN, 200 kN, 300 kN, 500 kN, 750 kN, and 1000 kN.
2. Translating and Rotating Screw configurations, Anti-rotation (keyed) design option.
3. Two Gear ratios and single screw leads as standard. Customized double screw leads.
4. The worm screw jacks can be connected together in systems so that multiple units can be operated and controlled together. 

JTM-Series Worm Screw Jacks Specifications