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Electric Linear Actuators

Parallel Linear Actuators

Parallel Heavy Duty Linear Actuators Descriptions Parallel Heavy Duty Linear Actuators Complete models: LAP100-LAP25000. Load capacities: 100 kgf-25000 kgf. Travel speed: 28 mm/s-84mm/s. Motor power: 0.18 kw-18.5 kw. Customize stroke with maximum 2000 mm travel length. Fork end fitting as standard, customize clevis end, threaded end, top plate, rod e...View more>>>

Inline Linear Actuators

Heavy Duty Linear Actuators DC Features Inline Heavy Duty Linear Actuators with heavy load capacities, accurate and repeatable positioning, which are not only match the load capacity of hydraulic cylinders and exceed the load capacity of conventional electromechanical actuators. Now being used in place of pneumatics and hydraulics when high maintena...View more>>>

Electric Linear Actuator

Electric Linear Actuators Features: A compact combination of a common acme screw or ball screw and a reducer and motor. The unique price, performance ratio and unparalleled advantages provide engineers with vast design space. Self-locking, Mostly have an absolute self-locking function, which increases the safety of equipment operation. Simple maintenanc...View more>>>