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Parallel Linear Actuators

Parallel Heavy Duty Linear Actuators Descriptions
Parallel Heavy Duty Linear Actuators are as an alternative to pneumatic cylinders or hydraulic cylinders. Electric cylinders are self-locking linear drives, which means that no power is supplied when at a standstill, easy installation with two trunnion mounting feet, no pipework, powerpack and valves, low power consumption and running costs, no oil leaks, contamination or fire risk, low noise system, higher dynamic capacity, higher speed capability and longer life. These make jacton electric cylinders an interesting alternative to pneumatic and hydraulic actuators. 
Jacton Parallel Heavy Duty Linear Actuator is consists of either a ACME screw and nut, driven by an electric motor, through a reduction gearbox. The lead screw converts rotary motion to linear movement. As the screw rotates, the nut extends and retracts the ram, which is attached to the load. LAP Series parallel motor design electric cylinders, parallel configuration electric cylinders load capacities are from 100 kgf to 25 tons, travel speeds up to 84 mm per second, rated power of motor is from 0.18kw to 18.5kw. For all jacton electric linear cylinders with no standard stroke, all travel length is built to your specifications. Jacton electric cylinders can come with a DC or AC motor. The most common motor type is three-phase AC motor - 220V, 240V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 460V, and 480V for heavy duty, also available in single phase AC motor - 110V, 220V, 230V, and 240V. And DC motor - 12V, 24V. If you want slow speed electric cylinders, DC or AC gear motor is recommended. For precision control, servo motors, and stepping motors are adaptable. With stroke limit switches to control different travel length.
Jacton Parallel Heavy Duty Linear Actuators are application in gates, dampers, oven and processing tank doors, antennas, orthopedic tables and other medical equipment, ergonomic furniture, and agricultural equipment, scissor lifts, scissor platforms, lifting platforms, robotics, continuous paint pumps, medical beds, coiling machines, tundish cars, continuous operation process lines opening and closing, tilting and pivoting, lifting and lowering, and positioning etc. Custom designs linear cylinders are also available for your special applications.