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F Parallel Shaft Gear Reducers

F Parallel Shaft Gear Reducers are the perfect solution when space is limited. The many different sizes and designs ensure that the gearmotors can be used in a wide variety of applications even under the most unfavorable conditions. F Parallel Shaft Gear Reducers are typically used in extruder, rotary cutter, cement mill, convery machine, conveyor and materials processing applications. The F Parallel Shaft Gear Reducers are consists of 2-stage or 3-stage helical gears. The gears are made of high quality alloy steel. The surface is hardened with the processes of carburizing and quenching, the teeth are made by fine grinding. So, as a whole, the gear is characterized with good tightness, also the excellent sealing performance can speak for itself. In addition, each F Parallel Shaft Gear Reducers has to pass sealing test before outgoing. We only allow those reducers which are proved to be leak free during the pressure testing to go to market.
1. F37, F47, F57, F67, F77, F87, F97, F107, F127, F157
2. FF37, FF47, FF57, FF67, FF77, FF87, FF97, FF107, FF127, FF157
3. FA37, FA47, FA57, FA67, FA77, FA87, FA97, FA107, FA127, FA157
4. FAF37, FAF47, FAF57, FAF67, FAF77, FAF87, FAF97, FAF107, FAF127, FAF157
5. FAZ37, FAZ47, FAZ57, FAZ67, FAZ77, FAZ87, FAZ97, FAZ107, FAZ127, FAZ157
1. F: Foot-mounted with solid shaft output.
2. FF: Flange-mounted with solid shaft output.
3. FA: Hollow Shaft.
4. FAF: Flange-mounted with hollow shaft output.
5. FAZ: Short flange-mounted with hollow shaft output.