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S Helical-worm Gear Reducers

S Helical-worm Gear Reducers are helical/helical-worm combinations, so they are more efficient than normal helical-worm gear units. Due to their outstanding efficiency, these drives can be used in every industrial sector and tailored to individual torque and speed requirements. The reduction ratios afforded by the helical-worm gear stage and the low noise levels during operation make these gearmotors ideal low-cost solutions for simple applications. Mainly used in Metallurgy, Sewage treatment, Chemical Industry, Pharmacy, Agriculture equipment, Oil industry, Belt Conveyor, Food machine, Mixer, Mixing machine, Automatic production line, Packaging, Material handling, Papermaking, Sugar making, Engineering Machines, Construction, Mechanical-electromechanical industry etc.
1. S37, S47, S57, S67, S77, S87, S97
2. SF37, SF47, SF57, SF67, SF77, SF87, SF97
3. SA37, SA47, SA57, SA67, SA77, SA87, SA97
4. SAF37, SAF47, SAF57, SAF67, SAF77, SAF87, SAF97
5. SAT37, SAT47, SAT57, SAT67, SAT77, SAT87, SAT97
6. SAZ37, SAZ47, SAZ57, SAZ67, SAZ77, SAZ87, SAZ97
1. S: Foot-mounted with solid shaft output.
2. SF: Flange-mounted with solid shaft output.
3. SA: Hollow shaft.
4. SAF: Flange-mounted with hollow shaft output.
5. SAT: Torque arm mounted with hollow shaft output.
6. SAZ: Short flange-mounted with hollow shaft output.